British Motor Club of Oregon



We are an automobile club based in Eugene, Oregon comprised of, and for, fans of British motoring, regardless of make, model or age of vehicle, from the compact car of the masses to the most exotic supercar. Our members' cars include everything from early MGs to later model Jaguars, Morris Minors to E-Types. This club is based on the idea that there is a commonality amongst those who are infatuated with British automobiles and thus we seek to bring people together, both in the enjoyment and support of these wonderful vehicles. We are always welcoming new members. We currently meet at the Sports Car Shop, located at 288 West 6th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97401, at 6:00 PM on the last Thursday of each month, barring major holidays. This website is still under development and we will continue to add information and resources, as well as details about upcoming activities, club members and their vehicles, etcetera, as the content is created. Please be patient with us!